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compilation cds

sorry but all these compilation CDs have now been given away. Look out for the chance to get the tracks via free MP3 very soon.

tasty tracks volume 1
Inner Space 1971 Melodie Group
I’m in Love With Noxious Gas Lardpony
Untitled Kelman
Dance for Me Lionshare
Hibbett’s Golden Rules of Beer MJ Hibbett & the Validators
Willow’s Song The Liberty Ship
Oh No Caroline Nutronstars
Unmarked Grave David Thomas Broughton
Circa 85 Deerpark
Perfection Slipslide
Red Hot Tugboat Ral Partha Vogelbacher
Time Machine The Windmills
Hyde Park Farming Incident
The Suffering of Pepe O’Malley Justin Rutlidge
Misadventure in Radiology Andrew Morgan
Live in Hope Silver Ray

tasty tracks volume 2
Dead Sharks TEAM
I Cannot Be Killed Pixel Pixel Pixel
Falconetti versus the Enemy Falconetti
There is No Sherman in Illinois The Dragon Rapide
Aardvark Barracuda Columbian Twinkie
Year of the One Armed Drummer Geisha
Sierra Sierra Bracing Ed
Enter the Elevator Citizens Here and Abroad
Copper Wire Viva Stereo
Shutter Big Joan
Fits and Starts O Fracas
Tonight This is Perfect Dugong
Freshman Thesis Thee More Shallows
The Rain Travels All the Way From Siberia and This is The First Place it Breaks That Fucking Tank
Eleven ¡Forward Russia!

    all music remains the copyright of the artists