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2005 MP3 giveaway!

After weeks of bartering and bargaining (well, alright, a couple of emails) we bring you a collection of MP3s that would grace any music lover's errr...hard drive. Download them all for free and help support all of the artists who have kindly donated tracks...

Right click on the speaker symbol and choose the location you wish to download the MP3 to.

Shane's Picks
'You Are Being Lied To' [3.66mb]

From the album 'You Are Being Lied To'
(Captains of Industry)
Talk about rock and roll - Kinesis split up the day this album was released. The full lyric 'You are being lied to by those who should protect you' should ring a few bells with anyone who lives in the UK or the US
'Ever' [2.8mb]

From the EP 'Bilkis'
(Self release)
Beautiful minimalist modern folk from London based Bilkis
'Friendz' [4.23mb]

Radio Edit from the single 'Friendz'
From the city that brought us the Human League and The Full Monty, Hiem serve up a delicious slice of electro guaranteed to get you dancing.
'Trying to Stop a Tank With Your Hands' [4.28mb]

From the EP 'Click to Enter'
(Self Release)
Satellite Dub
Under his pseudonym of Satellite Dub, Craig Brown has been crafting some of the best ambient techno gems to cross the tasty cassette deck this year. Remember-don't try to stop a tank with your hands, it won't work.
'Star Sign Girl' [3.31mb]

From the album 'Patterns of Behaviour'
(Much Better)

Viva Stereo
Viva Stereo just keep kicking out electro rock gems like this one, taken from the 'Patterns and Behaviour' album. Also a formidable live force, providing they do not destroy all of their equipment during their performance.
'Punk Rock Motors' [2.68mb]

From the album 'The Line From A to B'
(Captains of Industry)

Another sonic onslaught from Leicester noiseniks TEAM sees Dave and Scott harmonising like The Proclaimers. Sort of.
'Impasse' [3.9mb]

From the album 'The Night Don Benito Saved My Life'

This Aint Vegas
  Sunderland's This Aint Vegas put on one of the best shows I've seen this year and managed to chuck out a rather fine album for good measure too. North East coast hardcore.
  'Sleep' [4.04mb]

From the EP 'Cabana'
(Made Up)

  Let's hear it for Dallas based Treewave who not only produce the most lush Casiocore you'll ever hear but also write their own software for various 80's micro computers on which they perform the whole album. 8-bit tastic.
  'Some Things Will Never Change' [2.58mb]

From the Single 'Face Fit For Radio'

Blind Jackson
  Just in time for this year's reviews, Blind Jackson release the hyper catchy double A-side 'Face Fit For Radio' single. This track has a weird surf pop vibe that reminds you that there is only 172 more days until mid-summer..

Sam's Picks
'Zipcodes' [5.43mb] MJ Hibbett

Will's Picks
'Breaking Habits' Lights Run Riot
"Breaking Habits" is the best track from the debut EP by Lights Run emo four-piece who's (in their own words) broad taste combines to produce a sound that encompasses the vocal harmonies of Jimmy Eat World, the pop sensibilities of The Police, the delicate melodic guitars of Mogwai and the uninhibited rock of the Foo Fighters. They also have fabulous hair.
'Durty Laugh, Durty Mind' The Get Set Go

It's great when your friends are in a band that's actually really good. It means you don't have try and avoid telling them they're shit. Well, The Get Set Go are definitely not shit. Check out "Durty Laugh, Durty Mind" for a healthy dose of Costello-esque pop japery and then go and have a nice lie down.

'Talking Backwards' Fanfarlo

A perfect little gem of a song, "Talking Backwards" is the lead-off track from Fanfarlo's "Look Both Ways" EP...beautifully sung and genuinely heart-rending.

'Made in Heaven' Bailey

Further proof that one man and his guitar are still as perfect a combination as cheese and chips, Bailey's handcrafted gem "The Way Things Are Done" proved a hit with this reviewer, and we hereby present you with this choice cut.

Luke's Picks
'Everything Has to End' Things in Herds
'2am' Thee More Shallows
'Execution' David Thomas Broughton

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