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  tasty 22:
drew's reviews

  - Early November
South San Gabriel


Early November - The Room's Too Cold
Never mind the room being too cold - it is no excuse for this turkey which has landed in my lap.
How? Where? Why? What the hell is this? I can only assume music of this calibre is produced in a sub-terranean lair somewhere on the axis of evil...or possibly Florida. I am not saying that it has no redeeming, hang on, that is exactly what I am saying.
It had crossed my mind not to bother granting this album a review at all, but like Nicky Campbell I feel people should be aware of the pain and anguish this may well cause youngsters, the elderly or others not blessed with all their mental faculties. Some of you may well have relatives or siblings who may be at risk from this modern plague. Hell, you may have even been tempted yourselves, but please, please leave well alone.
If I have to hear one more bunch of pretty 20-somethings in vintage t-shirts playing guitar driven heart felt rock I may well cry. This band are not alone. As I type armies are forming, planning to pollute our once peaceful world of....Ok, maybe I have overstepped the mark...
Please don't give these clowns the benefit of yet another record sale. Your money would much better be spent on Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get up Kids or even Jimmy E at World recordings...
The kids will no doubt lap it up...

Imagine if you will...being fondled in a public convenience by an elderly gentleman, only less fun.

P.S. - I have played this to various friends with reactions varying from laughter to sheer terror.

Centro-Matic - Love You Just the Same
Baring in mind that I have just been listening to the Early November and as such anything would sound like heaven, this is sounding really quite good. We are by no means breaking new ground but this is all going swimmingly, the laid back country rock is suiting me down to a tee.
They sound like someone or possibly no-one...that will be annoying. What I mean to say is there is something very familiar in the sound, they are treading a well-worn path that is somewhat middle of the road but in not such a bad way. Dare I say it there is more than a hint of Counting Crows about them (you know what I mean) but again this really is not such a bad, honestly it's not.
It is quite a mixed bag, ranging from good to bland with maybe a little too much of the latter to make for worthwhile listening.

Imagine if you will...being hit by a low velocity damp sponge while standing on the central reservation of a sleepy provincial A-road.

South San Gabriel - Welcome, Convalescence (Palace of Fine Arts)

Now this does sound familiar. That's it. On closer inspection I see they share members with Centro-Matic. This is much better, and a lot more of what I wanted to hear from the previous band. Good tunes served with a healthy dose of melancholy.
As with Centro-Matic there is nothing particularly new or exciting here but it is done with a high degree of proficiency and quality song writing.
The whole thing flows nicely giving you one of those warm fuzzy feelings inside. The album is far from upbeat, quite the opposite in fact, leaving you feeling like your girlfriend has left you on a wet Tuesday in Grimsby, but in the best possible way. Perhaps you had sen it coming and can console yourself with the thought that you are better off without her and, after all, Grimsby is home to the Fishing Heritage museum, so all in all not a bad day out.
This is meant to be a good review. I very much enjoyed the record and fans of laid back country introspection should rejoice...

Imagine if you will...being in a barn with a buxom young lady enjoying the warm summer air and the sweet scent of nature and basking in the glow of the early evening sun, but knowing all too well that you must soon depart...I think.

[If you are female try to imagine a strapping young farmhand in place of the buxom lady...I think]

P.S. The picture of the bear on the cover is worth the purchase alone.

  Bleach - Three Girls from Okinawa
Well I wasn't expecting that. The cover art work would have you believe this is a punk lite offering from three Japanese teen the old saying goes, never judge a book by the cover, or in this case, CD.
I'm not entirely sure what to say. I'm pretty sure that my mum wouldn't be too keen...along with a substantial proportion of the general public, but I happen to love it. It is heavier than a bag of lead spanners, but with much more of a pop sensibility. If this is what Japan has to offer on the female hardcore  front...then count me in. I am fully aware I have given little indication of what this band actually sound like, but I am finding it rather difficult to pin down. There is a stunning array of slap bass on show, but it ain't funk It rocks like a mentally challenged child, yet I use the term 'hardcore' loosely. Well, all I know is I like it a lot.
But I like a lot of things. Oh, just go and buy it and see it for yourself.

Imagine if you will...being hit by a bus but remaining totally unscathed.

Detwiije - 6 is Better than 8
Ahhh...the heady world of post-rock. Not an easy arena in which to create a unique voice, but as demonstrated here, with panache, it is possible. My only problem is that I was not given more songs.
Although there is evidence of other bands' sounds, Detwiije have a sound of their own. There are elements of Godspeed in their noisier moments. Mogwai fans, of whom I am one, sure would thoroughly enjoy what is on offer here.
Personally I would love to hear more and kick myself constantly for missing them live recently...well, you live and learn...

Imagine if you will...a storm outside.