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drew's reviews 23

  - Broadzilla
- Hang on the Box
- Punish the Atom

- Wakusei


Broadzilla - Lady Luck (Diamond Star Records) 

Fuck off! No seriously, fuck off!

I cannot listen to this, nor can I look at the artwork (oh it’s bad), or the band (who claim to be female, but I’m not so sure) Now this is a joke, I see. This was released in 2001. Shane are you playing tricks on me? 

Ha, ha, ha, ha,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ha, ha, ha, ha. I just read some of the lyrics.  

“I fell into another day off a cloud that blew away and through the fog I found my angel in the sky. 32 leaves are all you get and a pocket full of debt, I’m just a roll away from my friend Mary Jane.” 

Who on earth, except a thirteen-year-old boy, would write such nonsense?

This is possibly the worst record I have ever heard; I cannot find anything positive to say about this truly awful piece of shit.

I did see it for sale in HMV for £15.99; I pity the fool! Horrible! 

Imagine if you will...A fate worse than death!

Hang On The Box - For Every Punk, Bitch and Arsehole (Arrivederci Baby!) 

Oh dear god! I have no idea what’s going on. I am assuming that this is some sort of joke, perhaps an art project of some kind.

I read recently in the NME that these girls were something to look out for; I also believe that they are on an NME sponsored tour at the moment… how do they sleep at night?

If you have every wondered what it would sound like if, within a band, all the members were entirely bereft of all talent, this may be some indication. No, that is a little harsh. There are elements of the music, although primitive and naive, that are quite appealing, the lo-fi quality of it all brings to mind The Ramones, or for that matter any of the more melodic 70’s punk crop. But, all the positive aspects of the music are crushed by the fact these are some of the worst vocals I have ever heard. I can only assume that a poor grasp of the English language can be blamed for the appalling lyrics, but hey, its better than I could do in Japanese. 

Imagine if you will…Thinking that your dog had eaten your wedding ring, and for days sifting through each of its bowel movements, only to discover that you had left it on the top of the bathroom cabinet.

An unpleasant and pointless task.

Punish The Atom - Lets Do The Don’t Care (Gentle Electric) 

Ohhh! This is a bit good. I think they may own the odd Joy Division record, there seems to be a lot of it around at the moment. I love Joy Division so I’m pretty happy, and in this case it is not such a bad thing. They are not trying to be a carbon copy, but rather taking ideas from a lot of new wave bands and coming out sounding good. I could hear a little bit of Television in there too (and, dare I say, Fugazi). They have a sound not a million miles away from Franz Ferdinand, so if you like them, you could do a lot worse than check out this lot. I hear they are pretty good live too.

There are only 8 tracks here, but what is on offer is promising to say the least. This is a good collection of songs, but I feel that Punish the Atom may have a lot more to offer; I hope so. 

Imagine if you will…Wrestling a topless girl, in a pool of jelly, while a crowd throw pound coins at your feet.

Wakusei - Noise (Arrivederci Baby)

Does exactly what it says on the tin. This is bloody great!

To be honest it’s not bloody great, but it is pretty damn good. The album starts off being really promising, but to be honest it does drag a little…. Oh I’m just nit picking. For some reason it keeps reminding me of Shellac, but Shellac playing some pretty melodic garage rock, and with a Japanese Dave Yow (Jesus Lizard) on vocal duties. That sounds a lot better than this actually is but worth having a listen to regardless.

Hang on; I take back the comment about it dragging. It’s only ten songs and about eight and a half of those are dead good… go and listen to it you might like it.

Imagine if you will…Finding £5 on the floor, which would be nice.