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See Full Flyer (402kb)

See Full Flyer (242kb)
A night of fabulous Indie guitar pop action featuring:

Les Flames!, Twinkie, Farming Incident, Neave vs. The Jazz Cigarettes...

Friday 18th July 2003
7-30pm - 12 midnight

Brudenell Social Club (Map)
Queens Road
Hyde Park
Tel. 0113 2752411

Admission: £3/4

les flames!
"Apparently, as we write, a host of A&R men are camped out on les Flames! back patio in tents made of of chequebooks, and it's not hard to see why. 'Wrong' is a Hives-topping blast of shouty, anthemic garage rock with some naughty swear words in the chorus, which is fantastic, obviously. And what's more, there's something irresistibly cool about coming from Leeds and pretending to be French. Well, it worked for Jacques Lu Cont, and he hails from Reading. Let's hear it for the daft punks" - NME

MP3 Clips

'Mutley 1, From Essex'
'Professional Stalker'


They may have the most tweesome name in tweedom, but mark Twinkie down as anorak wearers at your peril.
Live, Twinkie are peerless. While they come on like a heavy metal Lungleg, then I, for one, will continue to buy their records. Possibly the East Midlandsí best kept secret.

MP3 Clips

      'Aardvaark Barracuda Columbia'
      'Mr Pierre'

farming incident
Farming Incident are old skool indie. They have no truck with any kind of nostalgia, unless you call a hankering for the days of The Fallís ĎThis Nationís Saving Graceí some kind of nostalgia. But letís not, letís just celebrate a truly authentic band, one that follows no kind of blueprint, but makes the rules up as it goes along.

MP3 Clips

'Donde Esta'
'Red White'
'Hyde Park'
'Moose Factory'

    neave vs. the jazz cigarettes
Anyone whoís lived in a town they forgot to close down will instantly empathise with the ideas at work here. Thereís nothing swish or clever going on, just that Neave is telling it like it is. And that really doesnít happen too much any more, does it?



les flames


farming incident

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