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tasty fanzine presents...

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a night of mild mannered indie pop. Your janitors for the evening could be:
Being 747 + MJ Hibbett & the Validators + Johnny Domino 
Plus djs and cheap drinks until 2am. Come dance your legs down to your knees!

Carpe Diem, Leeds
Saturday July 3rd
Doors 8.30pm. Admission 3/4.

Being 747
Over the course of the last 50 minutes we have revisited wire, cope, wedding present, fatima mansions in worthy doses. we've had a laugh at the words, winced at the painfully sharp observations, and sung along loud and proud when the chorus's hit the relevant spots .. who could ask for more .. back to the start. - I Really Love Music

MP3 Clips
'I'm Easy' MP3
'Weathergirl' MP3 [verse 1]

MJ Hibbett & The Validators
MJ Hibbett is a genius. He and his merry band known as The Validators, stepping fiercely on the toes of mopey rain-soaked British poppers, are helping to return a bit of life to rock and pop. You may have never heard of them, but you better educate yourself. Quickly. - FAC 193

MP3 Clips

'Hey Hey 16k' MP3
'Merchant Ivory Punks' Demo MP3

Johnny Domino
Johnny Domino - Trademark chugging, sloppy-arsed Domino to just about wake you up in the morning and help you fall slowly down the stairs. 10/10 - City Life Magazine