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Carpe Diem
Great George Street

Admission FREE includes Club Skoo and drinks offers all night. Bar open until late



O Fracas
“..O Fracas have a strong sense of sonic fun...and a remarkably confident way of writing songs that mess about with conventional structures and utilize different levels of attack, volume and subtlety... I find myself wishing that I was watching them live instead of listening through my stereo; they have an amazing Friday night feel which has left me yearning for the weekend...”  - Sandman Magazine

everyone in the room has a personal connection with every word sung and every note played, the whole performance is hair pricklingly good...if you haven’t heard Dugong yet please do as you are missing out on genuinely one of the finest bands on the punk scene.' - Leeds Music Scene

'This is the sort of stuff that makes going to gigs a pleasure, TEAM put absolutely everything they have into their set; they're a machine of noise and passion and quite stunning to watch' - CD Online

Farming Incident
Farming Incident formed in April 1999 to combine (do you see?) their 3 favourites rocks - space, post and punk - to create something unusual and inspiring. In English, Welsh and Spanish. When describing them, various commentators have mentioned The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Wedding Present, The Pixies, Magazine, Sex City-era Pulp, Scarfo, The Stooges, Hawkwind and The Fall.