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tasty weekender part two - the all dayer...

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Brudenell Social Club (Map)
Queens Road
Tel. 0113 2752411

Doors 2pm
£5 all day

65 Days of Static
'Call this music what you will - a blend of (Aphe)X and (Mog)Y - as it's already been said, here and in other likeminded websites and publications. Music like this doesn't need such pigeonholing; it just needs to be heard, and supported, and appreciated.' - Drowned in Sound

'Face of the Earth - Clinging on to' MP3
'Assault on Precinct 65' MP3

Bracing Ed
Wet yourself sensless with the thought of being able to watch Bracing Ed smack you up sharp with noisy Pixies inspired Les Savy Fav esque rock action. If you saw them last month you know what kind of aceness to expect..." - Cops and Robbers

'...technicality, melody and occasional brutality - that says it all really. Pertinence, in the dictionary = "Having logical precise relevant to the matter at hand" and that kinda sums up these kids - wanting to do technical shit, but with a bit of metal and melody, and keeping it all, somehow, coherent.' - Reason To Believe Zine

'As One Door Closes Another Door Shuts' MP3

¡Forward Russia!
'...!Forward, Russia! rip against each other; fractured and percussive guitar stabs are cradled by the most pounding rhythm section imaginable. It’s liquid dance in punk masquerade. The singer spazzes out relentlessly, hypnotically, voice never waning as he wails and hollers. A mega-quick banshee, a perfect frontman.' - Drowned in Sound

demo 1 MP3
'demo 2 MP3

O Fracas
'...O Fracas are a strange, but captivating young band...agitated and complex...exciting...catchy weirdo pop-rock... It's not commercial, but intelligent, ambitious and deserves to carve a niche for itself.' - Whisperin' and Hollerin'


'...approved by Chuck D, large of drummer, epic of tune, samples from beyond, and flamenco (and jeans) of lady ethereality. What does any of this mean? Bloody great soundscapes, in all senses of the word.”' - Leeds Music Scene

'Falconetti Versus the Enemy' MP3
'Oceanography' MP3 clip

Pixel Pixel Pixel

'Blue Skies Across Pixel Land' MP3
'Into the Worm Caves' MP3

That Fucking Tank
'...The approach to guitar is aggressive. You hear thumbed bass notes then ballsy open string riffs played with an infectious consistency, discordant bending, anvil muting, harmonics lazily pinging away. There are no flighty runs or scales here just forearm tiring post-rock chaos. Rhythmically there's interest too. They mix it up, alternatively drilling then stabbing at notes only to grind to ugly halt. The pair lock in together in a great 'loose but tight' fashion.

Blind Jackson
'...there’s tons of insanely catchy hooks and riffs that completely justify the swank n swagger that’s stamped through every one of these seven an ideal world Blind Jackson would be one of biggest bands in the world, for now they’ll just have to settle for being one of the best...' - Unpeeled

'Stop the Clock' wma audio
'Keep on Runnin' wma audio