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tasty presents...

Flyer Design:


Holy Trinity Church
Boar Lane

Doors 8pm


Elephant Micah
"Elephant Micah hails from New York. His songs demonstrate a crushing beauty not usually present in the material of one so young. Come witness and behold a minstrel of epic intensity! 'soft and spacious songs serve as a fitting reminder that there's beauty to be found in even the most vast cornfields' -


David Thomas Broughton
'British entrant into the New Weird Americana movement brings some freeform Animal Collective folk sounds to Leeds.' americana UK 'Remarkable, like a timeless classic or an obscure LP you discovered in a dusty second hand shop.' -

One of the finest duos since that chap and the duck Mcwatt travel their own musical course and for the sake of airline security they packed their own bags too. some of the finest off-kilter folk influenced meadlings you'll hear anywhere. 'McWatt plough a more experimental furrow, but one which is no less pleasing to the ear. Use of double bass, flute and occasional accordian set this duo apart from the bands you get used to seeing round these parts' -