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tasty presents friday 13th...

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The Fenton
Woodhouse Lane

Doors 8pm
Admission £4

40 second video clip (9.29mb) of Stinking Lizaveta's Set


Pedalling an eclectic style of music best categorised as 'doom-jazz' and with close followers like Steve Albini, who recorded and mixed their debut album, ‘…hopelessness and Shame’, in his basement back in 1996

Stinking Lizaveta create audio honey made by angry bees. Guitar, electric upright bass and drums, heavy Sabbath-y riffs and graceful winding melodies, periodic departures into stoner groove territory and occasional ‘vocals’ sung/screamed into the pickups of the guitar. An eerie howling noise like a confused wolf madly in love.


A two-piece rock band of Leeds. Andy plays odd-strung-and-tuned baritone guitar through a guitar and bass amp using a Morley switch pedal. James plays a bass drum, snare drum and cymbals with sticks in his hands. The music makes people weep, some from joy, others from fear.

Formed as a sad joke and perpetuated by lies, 'the tank' (or Death Fucking Tank as they are known in Belgium) have played many, many gigs ranging from a bedroom in a Barcelonian pent-house to an outdoor tramp-infested festival in Derby and everything in between. Ace!


Hail! Come, one and all to experience the regal and majestic sound of Lords. With a collective band CV boasting some (most!) of the UK’s greatest musical outfits Lords were never going to be bad, we just weren’t prepared for them being this good! They play music with all the soothing qualities of a spanner to the forehead! Hail!


'...technicality, melody and occasional brutality - that says it all really. Pertinence, in the dictionary = "Having logical precise relevant to the matter at hand" and that kinda sums up these kids - wanting to do technical shit, but with a bit of metal and melody, and keeping it all, somehow, coherent.' - Reason To Believe Zine