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The Packhorse
Woodhouse Lane

Doors 8pm
Admission £4



Their path, if anything, is one that possibly once ran adjacent to that of brutish tech metal hardcore bands such as Botch, and at times meanders towards somewhere close to ISIS or Pelican, but then will once again dart off somewhere utterly mystifying and unexpected…… while being punctuated by what at times sounds like the demented screams of a northern bingo caller, this will then give way to vast soaring vocals and four part harmonies. Unpredictable, and like nothing you are likely to hear anywhere else.


'From the off, The Swarm make their intentions crystal clear, indulging in the kind of swamp driven blues that Jon Spencer has nightmares about and Rowland S. Howard owned sole manufacturing rights to back in the day. Pitching themselves somewhere between The Birthday Party's malevolent cynicism and the Blood Brothers' happy(er)-go-lucky nihilism, The Swarm are like a concoction of cyanide, nails and nitro glycerine, shaken and stirred then served in a coffin shaped vat, finished off by an unhealthy dose of fear for dessert.' - Drowned in Sound



'What you need to know however is that t'Incident play some fantastically demented post-punk songs: skewered rhythms intersperse themselves amongst relentless yet melodic lead guitar passages and pounding bass that calls to mind bits of The Fall, Pavement, Fugazi, Television... oooh and maybe just a bit of Joy Division.' - Leeds Music Scene



'First up were Ann Arbor, an instumental two piece comprising of Matt Jones (bass) and Tim Waterfield (guitar). Backed by a powerfully programmed drum machine, the duo bludgeoned the audience with a brand of noise which is as compelling as it is unusual in today's musical climate. Only 15 or so minutes - but breathless stuff. At times Ann Arbor appear almost determined to blow the venue up such is the power of what they do.