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- Sigur Ros
Tali White



A Very Sigur Ros Adventure
Aline Lemos travels north of the border, and then back again, in hot pursuit of her heroes...

After almost a month trying to interview a band member from Sigur Ros, missing having a face to face interview with them in Glasgow, the interview finally happened on Feb. 24th. It was all well worth it, though…

The “wee” adventure to Glasgow (what a great place!) was fantastic, and the gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands was so great that it made me persevere afterwards to try and talk to them.

We arrived there at 7 15 PM, and found a silent but anxious crowd. After a while, lights were turned off and they showed two videos from the Agaetis Byrjun album (‘Svefn-g-englar’ and ‘Viarar vel til loftarasa’) and also a video from the first song of the latest album. It was hard not to be taken by the sensitivity and beauty from those images and sound… take a deep breath…

Hence came the Sigur Ros boys… and girls, since the violin players from the Amina group are all women. They started the set with the first song from the latest album, which was followed by ‘Staralful’, and ‘Ny Batteri. Jonsi, the singer, announced that they were playing some songs for the first time…and it seemed that he had such a relaxed, ‘boy-like’ posture that mid way through ‘Staralful’ he started laughing. 

The band performed some new songs, which will feature in the upcoming album, to be released in August. Generally speaking, it was an excellent gig; you had all that you’d expect to see in a Sigur Ros gig: few people fainting, Jonsi playing the guitar with the ebo – not to mention his magnificent vocals – and the dream-like atmosphere you were caught upon throughout the set… It was a privilege being in their first gig of this year’s tour.

I was even  more privileged (and happy) when I spoke to Orri Pall, Sigur Ros’ drummer, over the phone. They had been to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and I’d spoken to their tour manager several times before finally arranging some time to talk to him. Here are some questions that he answered, through a noisy, echoing phone line from Lyon, France:

Tasty Zine-How important is playing live to you?
Orri- Really important. We really like it and it’s been good to play live on this tour. 

T - How have Sigur Ros changed since the tour of Agaetis Byrjun?
O - Our lives have changed a lot; we were definitely not as we were some years ago. But it’s been good, we’re working on the studio and we all have a better life now. 

T- So it’s life on tour ok?
O- Yeah, it’s alright. 

T-  Have you written much new material since the release of the latest album? After seeing you live in Glasgow I could tell you played a few unreleased songs…
O – Yeah, those songs will be on the new album, we’re working on them at the moment on studio. And we played them cause if we were in the crowd we’d like to listen to new songs… 

T- Right… and will you have the Amina players with you for the new album as well or will it be more like ‘ Von’ ?
O- Yeah I think they’ll be playing in it as well. 

T- I know you probably heard this a hundred times, but I’ll ask anyway…
O- Ok …(laughs)

T- In your latest work the songs and the album are untitled… we know that the fans are supposed to come up with them and all. But could it be that it was also something you did against the music industry?
O- No, not really, we weren’t really thinking about it, it was more like we want people to be creative and to come up with titles for the songs. 

T- Awesome. One last question: how much creative input does the band have in making the videos?
O- Well, for the first video we did it ourselves; the second one there were two guys directing it for us, but it was our own idea and for the third one as well, we had the same guys directing and we discussed our idea with theirs. 

Strong accents and awful phone line apart, Orri was very friendly and answered promptly the humble questions Selene and I came up with. I’d like to thank her for helping me out, as well as Sam, for making this possible!!! Until the next one, cheers!!! 


Tali White - Travelling Man 
As part of the rich tapestry of Antipodean indie-pop, Tali White is pretty much seen as a genius by those who appreciate such things. From the Lucksmiths to the Guild League, his mission is clear - to make some of the most wonderful pop music available. Tasty has a brief chat with one of its biggest heroes.......

What, apart from the obvious ones, are the differences between the Guild League and The Lucksmiths?
The Guild League is primarily a recording project with hopes of a few shows here and there. The Lucksmiths are a kick arse live band that make beautiful records.

Do you ever feel limited with the Lucksmiths?
No, the lucksmiths inspire me to do more.

The style of music you play is obviously very precious to you - do you see yourself/selves as upholding some kind of tradition of great guitar pop music?
Not really 'upholding tradition' as such, I guess we're just trying to make  music that IS precious. On ‘Private Transport’ (The Guild League’s debut album) there are songs that don't include any guitar and songs that may not be classified as pop but they  all mean a lot to me.

Who are you musical and non-musical heroes?
Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkle, Nick Drake, Amy Linton, Kevin from Currituck County, Marty and Mark, Richard Easton, Bright Eyes, David Attenborough,  Tolkien, Tim Winton (writer), Annie Dillard (writer), my girlfriend Nicole.......there are loads more but I can't think of 'em right now.

Travel is pretty much omnipresent as a subject throughout 'Private Transport'. Is travelling your favourite thing? Do you feel lucky that your music has allowed you to travel?
One of my favourite things most certainly. I've been very lucky to travel with my music. It beats pulling beers or sitting in front of a computer.

What is your favourite place in the entire world?
There are too many favourites. Private place: the arms of my girlfriend. City to live in: Melbourne. City to hang out in: San Franciso Beach to see kangaroos at: Depot Beach NSW. Place to eat veggie breakfast: Clapham Common. Place to swear quietly: the Grand Canyon. Place to watch sunset while eating: Ko Lanta.

How do you feel about the state of Antipodean indie pop?
It's still here, still awesome. It'll take off in a major way again soon I predict.

Who is making music as good as The Lucksmiths and the Guild League at the moment?
Bright Eyes, Aden, Currituck County, Richard Easton, the Aislers Set, Poundsign, The Fairways......many more publicised bands are making great stuff but here are a few more people should know of.

What does the future hold for both The Lucksmiths, the Guild League, and, indeed, Tali White?
Touring and a new album for the Luckies. Playing some shows soon and recording again later this year for the Guild League.
And I'm about to have lunch.