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singles/eps - oct 2012


On and On – Ghosts

Lovely trippy stuff here from On and On who sound a little bit like MGMT on tranquilisers (and frankly, let’s face it, MGMT need to calm down). Perhaps a little bit too dreamy for these autumn nights but certainly helps you drift off into summertime nostalgia.8/10



The Cast of Cheers – Trucks at Night (School Boy Error/Cooperative Records)

Stabby, breathless and wreckless, ‘Trucks at Night’ just cements The Cast of Cheers as one of the most exciting new bands around at the moment. Even if I take a break from the Radio 1 DJ style assessment, I would still struggle not to like this one. 8/10



Bleech – Break My Nose

Hard to place this really. Is it a form of hair rock by girls? Is it riot grrrl? Is it even verging on the edge of grungey? Who cares – it’s a simple tune and it’s thundered out by this threesome who even got in a boxing ring to and fought a middleweight contender for the video. That last bit is not strictly true, but the tune is worth a spin. 7/10


I Like Trains – Beacons EP (I Like Records)

A dark autumn day seems about the right time for Leeds miserabilists I Like Trains to release their latest single and it’s a doozey. But then I would say that because I’ve been wandering around the office singing the opening words of Beacons ‘I’ve been taking care of business’ in a flat baritone ever since the album ‘The Shallows’ was released earlier in the year. More than ably backed with the similar sounding ‘Rome’ and ‘Easter Island’ there is an air of similarity running right through this EP while still maintaining subtle changes in mood and atmosphere. 8/10