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singles/eps - may 2013


Ghostpoet - Meltdown

The first single to drop from Some Say So I Say Light, the upcoming follow-up to the Mercury Prize-nominated Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, finds Obaro Ejimiwe a.k.a. Ghostpoet maintaining his healthy diet of both. The general tone and form of his sound – the half-slumbering, reflective sung-rap vocals over grime meets trip-hop production - is still in place, but the song-writing has tightened up, production values appear to have been bumped up also, and both contribute to an atmosphere of added clarity. The toms in particular really pop, and there’s added beauty and romance through the organic instrumentation employed and which suits him well. Such an instrumental tune-up appears to match the thematic outcome of the song, fighting through sadness, bitterness and regrets in order to move on from a relationship and hopefully make something better of himself out of it: “But baby it’s my heart, this time I gotta follow it.” All of the above contribute to the sense that ‘Meltdown’ stands as a document of an artist in good musical stead, ready to step up and make his mark.

Christopher Sharpe

Get Off My Shoes - Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World (Thanks But No Thanks Records)

Hailing from Belgium, ‘Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World’ is the debut release from Get Off My Shoes and signals further live activity from the band throughout Europe this Spring.

The short, and slow-burning instrumental title track opens proceedings before ‘Dead Of Night’, its stuttering guitars instantly showcasing a Bloc Party influence before launching into the first of many infectious choruses found throughout this E.P. ‘I Was Told A Lie Once’ slows the pace slightly but refuses to dispense with the euphoric chorus which once again wrestles the track into the eye of the hurricane. Despite comparisons that can be drawn with current bands such as Foals and Bloc Party it is the pop-punk of bands such as Wilt and Joyrider that is recalled by this release. At only six songs long this E.P. works well and the real challenge may well be retaining the same high quality over the length of an album.

Mark Whiffin

The Bengsons – Hundred Days (Second Bolt)

Abigail and Shaun Bengson, “…a Brooklyn/Berkshires-based husband-and-wife art-folk-duo…” are joined by Anais Mitchell on this latest E.P. release.

Opening track ‘Even Then’ at times sounds like a folk influenced Belly accompanied by stirring gang vocals, including the distinctive and intoxicating voice of Anais Mitchell. ‘Hundred Days’, the E.P.’s title track, featuring another guest, this time Nick Petricca of Walk The Moon, bustles in at a hundred miles an hour with the rabble-rousing chorus signalling a hoe-down outbreak of huge proportions. In stark contrast both ‘Saturdays’ and ‘Bells’ are acoustic stripped back affairs showcasing the duos captivating vocal interplay beautifully alongside emotional and heartfelt lyrics.

Mark Whiffin